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Designed with You in Mind

We are committed to offering only the finest quality products at the best value possible. Browse through just some of our extensive inventory range below to see all that we have to offer new or used. We’re constantly updating our selection, so check back often. If you have any questions or special requests simply reach out, our team is ready to help.

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The new Schmitz Cargobull S.CU transport refrigeration unit is more economical, quieter and lighter. The benefits of precise temperature management, the best heat output and reduced defrosting cycles remain unchanged – long maintenance intervals and increased uptime at low cost, either for MonoTemp and MultiTemp versions. Both versions are approved for use in pharmaceutical transport. If you were to opt for the executive package this has 2 years of refrigeration coverage European wide. We also provide Thermoking & Carrier units to suit customer preferences.



 In the curtainsider sector there are varying applications to help with customers and there differing load demands, from lightweight applications to Coil carriers Schmitz Cargobull have all the necessary trailers to help with your increasing needs and assist with your carbon footprint thorough innovations in aerodynamics (eco-fix, eco-flex 7 varios), call for details of applications that we can suit to your business profile.

M.KI Thermo_1.JPG


Our S.KI tipper semi-trailer with a rounded steel body and the cost effective transport solution for construction site traffic. They stand out on account of the law procurement and repair costs coupled with excellent work resistance. Furthermore they are ideal for transport of abrasive materials, like sand, gravel, additives and Asheville, with appropriate models being suitable for use with lumps of rock and concrete. They are ideal for short journeys and frequent tipping operations



Rising demand for Internet delivery, courier express services or high-quality electrical appliances – goods demanding secure handling and perfectly stored in the S.KO express box semi trailer. The box body with a two wing portal or roller shutter protects your freight against unauthorized access much more effectively than a tarpaulin. The side walls are made of weight-optimized FERROPLAST panels. A continuous, galvanized, bolted steel chassis ensures stability.

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